About Us


Disposable Vapers was first launched in the USA in 2019, and following on from our success across the world DisposableVapers.com was born mid 2019. Though we’re an American company through and through, our name pays homage to our product line.

People are moving away from traditional tobacco and are looking for an alternative. That’s where we come in. We’re a tobacconist for the 21st century. Disposable Vapers is your one stop shop for e-cigarettes and vapes offering absolute convenience, an ever-evolving range of products and a commitment to the customer that’s second to none.

Our unwavering focus on customer satisfaction has made us one of the biggest online vape shops in the US, and we continue to adapt and grow to stay at the forefront of this fast-moving industry. Every time you visit our site, you’ll find something new and exciting. 


At Disposable Vapers our favorite questions are, "How can we serve the customer better, and how can we serve them faster?" We understand that customers need to receive their products as quickly as possible, so we are constantly refining our delivery service to provide the latest possible dispatch cutoff time in order to maintain our unrivaled shipping speeds. We send out our orders with DHL, UPS and USPS First-Class shipping 

If you place your order before 4pm (Mountain Standard Time) Mon-Fri, we will dispatch your order the very same day. We are based in Delaware but have a warehouse in Illinois, so with First-Class shipping, you can expect your order within 3 business days if you are on the West Coast or within 3 business days for the East Coast;  Please note: these shipping times are estimates and cannot be guaranteed.



Online is what we do best at the Disposable Vapers, so if you need to get in contact, we handle most customer inquiries via email. As one of the biggest vaping retailers in the US, we prefer to communicate online than over the phone, as it allows us to keep all customer notes and correspondence in the same place: this enables us to keep delivering the highest standards of customer service at all times. In an industry as sensitive as vaping, it is also important that we keep detailed logs; working online allows us to keep organized, meticulous records in one secure location.


Disposable Vapers stocks a wide range of products from the top domestic and international vaping brands like Puff Bar, Male, EonSmoke, Posh Sixt Sea Pods and Plus Pods. From disposables to pods our selection covers everything you could possibly need, whether you’re a newcomer to the world of vaping or a longtime fan of e-cigarettes.