How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

If you didn't already know, vape coils play one of the most crucial roles in your vaping experience. It is the heart of your e-cigarette which functions as the delivery mechanism for your vaping. In more simple terms, the coil determines how well your vape pen operates and how great the satisfaction and functionality will be.

Burn-out vape coils may cause dry hits and not work properly. To avoid any problems, keep track of its life span for a better and fresher vaping experience. This brings us to this often neglected question: how long do vape coils last?

Along with this, we will also look at the following questions:

  •   What is a vape coil?
  •   What is the approximate lifetime of a vape coil?
  •  When to change your vape coil?

Man vaping e-cigarette

What is a vape coil?

To begin, let’s get to know the anatomy of your vape coil.

The vape coil, technically known as an atomizer head, is the device that creates the vaping mist from the e-liquid in your pen. It is housed within the vape tank or cartridge and is made from absorbent wick and a piece of resistance wire that heats up, in order to create the vapor.

What is the approximate lifetime of a vape coil?

Disposable vape pens were never made to last. The fact that they are disposable means you can have a brand new, fully functioning device on a fairly regular basis. So, as your disposable vape coil is put through its use, overusing the vape pen could ultimately lead to quick coil degradation. With regular reheating and cool downs, it will eventually burn out over time – much more if you are chain vaping (taking multiple hits within a short period of time).

If your e-liquid no longer tastes the way it’s meant to, then it’s probably time to change your vape coils. On average, this can be around every two weeks if you are a light vaper, or more often if you are a heavy user. Another factor is the quality of your e-liquid as some types may clog the resistance (usually for very sweet e-liquids) and may damage the overall performance of the coil. On occasion, you might also see leaks on your vape because the coil has been worn out. Therefore, it is best to watch out for the taste and regularly check your vape pen to look for signs it’s time to change the coil. 

When to change your vape coil?

Sometimes the signs for needing a vape coil replacement are obvious, but other times it’s more difficult to identify. It is important to take note of the following factors because regularly replacing your vape coils will help in extending the overall lifespan of your e-cigarette pen. Therefore you should look out for the following:

1. Burnt taste

Experiencing a burnt taste in the mouth is probably the most common sign that your vape coil needs replacement. It’s difficult to dismiss since it usually ruins the taste and experience. 

At first, you may attribute it to your e-juice but ultimately, it will boil down to coil problems. So, once you sense an obvious change in your vaping experience, make sure you check your vape and replace the coil to avoid further damage to your vaping device, as well as avoiding a nasty taste and prolonged exposure to heavy metals.

2. Beware of the ‘gurgling’ sounds

Vape pens were never meant to gurgle. If you begin to hear gurgling sounds from your vape, then it’s time to do manual checkup and see what’s causing the sound. Usually, changing the coils will solve this problem. Other times, it could be a simple problem like tank flooding which can be cleaned out. 

Gurgling happens when your vape coil is not properly placed in your e-cigarette. You can try unscrewing and reattaching the coil to make sure that the holes are all accurately lined up. However, if your device continues to produce this sound, then something may be wrong with your vape.

3. Low vapor production

Eventually, the vapor mist produced by your vape coil will lessen over time. When it’s about to wear out, you will be able to observe a lower vapor output than usual. This is already a signal that it’s time to change your coil.

However, be aware that low vapor production can also be a result of a dying battery or damaged disposable vape pen. So before you take further action, make sure you check your vape pen is not running out of battery or there are other problems with your disposable vaping pen. 

So, don’t ignore the warning signs and keep track of your vape coil. Sometimes, it’s not always a question of how long your vape coil can last, as much as how well you use and maintain your device. Regular, simple check-ups around your vape pen performance are the tasks for a vaper. This will ensure that you get the most from your vaping and save money and time in the long run.

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