Will Vaping Make You Lose or Gain Weight?

The internet is filled with conflicting ideas about a range of topics. One such example is the effects of vaping on the body. Some say that it can help in losing weight, while others debate that it would actually lead to weight gain. But what should we believe? And does it vary with different people?

In fact, there is a real lack of medical evidence and research claiming that vaping leads to weight loss or gain – as most results focus on any side effects on the body. However, it’s useful to understand this and why people have historically believed smoking to be a weight loss aid. 

At Disposable Vapers, we know many people want a higher quality of e-cigarette or even to cut back on their nicotine consumption in a controlled way, so we’re here to help you achieve this and understand the process behind it. 

Man vaping e-cigarette

Vaping to lose Weight

As higher nicotine intake can lead to appetite suppression, traditionally, regular smokers may have skipped meals. Moreover, it is believed that when nicotine is delivered into the body through vaping, it cuts cravings for sweets, increases metabolism, and therefore reduces weight. Hence, e-cigarettes may be associated as an effective means of losing weight.

Owing to this, many traditional cigarette smokers (and even non-smokers) have been motivated to smoke or vape in order to shed pounds. However, vaping is not a proven magic pill that can guarantee weight loss.

Vaping to lose weight may trigger the need to inhale more regularly than you otherwise would, which could lead to greater nicotine addiction, or requiring stronger e-liquids. If you are really determined to lose weight, the best steps are towards a healthier and more balanced diet and regular exercise. Vaping has not been directly proven to aid weight loss so it shouldn’t be relied on for this. 

Can vaping make you gain weight?

Despite numerous studies, many smokers say they find it difficult to quit because of the old belief that they could gain more weight after quitting smoking. For this reason, vaping has become a more viable solution for those who want to cut back on smoking. But with the minimal nicotine consumption found in e-cigarettes, can vaping really prevent weight gain?

The nicotine in regular cigarettes is known to suppress the appetite and curb cravings – the perhaps the key reason behind smaller food intake of smokers. When smokers opt to quit, they may go through a withdrawal which causes them to eat and snack more in order to deal with the stress that they feel. As a result, there could be a weight gain. 

It’s no surprise then that smokers are turning to vape pens as a new alternative over traditional cigarettes. The e-liquids found in vaping cartridges are made from the nicotine extracted directly from tobacco, which is mixed with other ingredients and then flavored. 

While vaping is a good option to curtail a higher nicotine consumption, it could still leave traditional smokers feeling anxious and restless, and could still overeat to supplement that old habit. Again, vaping will not make you gain weight in itself, but other habits around vaping could lead to weight gain. It’s more important to achieve a balanced overall lifestyle, while incorporating vaping if you feel the need. 

Debunking Vaping Myths

There are many variables that need to be considered before weighing up a conclusion between vaping and weight loss, or gain. Even experts have found it difficult to make an accurate statement based on the limited information available.

Currently, the bottom line is that vaping is not a major contributing factor for weight loss or gain. More comprehensively, it will be decided by a person’s diet, exercise, metabolism and other factors such as stress levels, which can in turn affect how the body’s metabolism reacts to life situations. 

So, it’s not advised for anybody to take up vaping for the goal of losing weight. If this is your objective, while not taking other lifestyle factors into account, you probably won’t see the results you want.

However, as a cleaner alternative to traditional smoking and a way to regulate and potentially lower nicotine consumption, vaping is an effective way to make this switch. We have a wide range of disposable pod systems available with a big selection of flavors to sample and choose from, so you can find your top pick today.