How Does Vaping Affect Mental Health?

Vaping can affect your mental health in several ways—as everything does, things such as a disposable vape pen have its pros and cons to your well-being, but it always depends on how good or bad you use it. In essence, how much and how frequent you vape.

In this article though, we’ll talk about the benefits of vaping to your mental health. We have listed seven mental health benefits that you can get from vaping using devices such as a disposable e cig.

Here are 7 Mental Health Benefits of Vaping

Now, before we dig deeper into these vaping benefits, let’s make sure that we are on the same page when it comes to defining vape pens and vaping.

woman vaping to reduce mental stress

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the deed of inhaling and exhaling a tiny amount of liquid flavouring - with each inhalation, a sensor in your vape pen triggers the vaporizer which gives heat to the liquid flavouring and turns it into vapor being drawn to your mouth.

Also, vaping should not be confused with smoking a cigarette, hookah, or water-pipe because the vapor that comes with e cigars such as a disposable vape pen does not have harmful chemical compounds normally found in smoke from regular cigarettes and hookahs.

What is a Disposable Vape Pen?

A disposable vape pen or disposable e cig is a ready-to-use vape pen that can be thrown away once the liquid and battery are run out.

Normally, these types of vape pens are used for various kinds of distillates, e-liquids, extracts, oils, and heaps of other liquids that can be vaporized. In essence, this is why there are also disposable vape pens that are ready-to-fill, giving you the freedom to fill your favourite liquid.

best disposable vape pen in the US

Now, let’s talk about the seven mental health benefits of vaping.

Vaping Relaxes You

People dealing with anxiety and depression found harmless comfort in vaping - using a disposable vape pen has proven to help with relaxation, inducing mental repose, and warding off negative emotions. Indeed, vaping has become a mental refuge for most people who are depressed and anxious.

Disposable E Cig is Safer Than Tobacco

You see, vaping because of anxiety has somehow got a bad rep from overly health-conscious individuals. While there are, indeed, unsafe vape chemicals and vape pens, most countries, especially the United States, have regulated the production and sale of vape devices and liquid flavouring.

Also, several pieces of research suggest that vaping is 95% safer than smoking because vape pens such as a disposable e cig produce no ash, tar, and combustion. Therefore, unlike smoking, vaping can help you maintain an improved sense of taste and smell, good oral hygiene, better lung capacity, good skin health, and better blood circulation.

Vaping is Quick Soothing

Vaping, fortunately, has an almost instantaneous calming effect that is helpful for people dealing with panic attacks and other anxiety disorders. Even holding a disposable vape in your hand can induce a Placebo effect and unwind you instantly.

woman vaping and relaxing with a disposable e cig by the sea

Vaping Helps You Sleep Better

If you are having panic fits or regular anxious thoughts during nighttime, you probably lack sleep - vaping, fortunately, can improve your sleep quality because it allows you to inhale and exhale in a relaxing manner. Plus, you can choose to have herbal extracts in your liquid flavouring that are known to reduce anxiety and stress such as chamomile, lavender, and CBD oils.

Vaping Gives You Control Over Nicotine

Non-vapers don’t know that vaping allows you full control on nicotine - juices for vape pens have a wide variety of strengths and types ranging from high-nicotine to nicotine-free liquids.

Whether you decide not to have any or add a pinch of nicotine in your disposable vape pen, you have all the freedom to do so.

Also, if you’re someone who wants to quit smoking and sees vaping as a promising alternative, you can start off using liquids with high-nicotine content and then gradually work your way down to lower nicotine levels until you can eliminate it completely.

Vaping Does Not Risk You for Noxious Odors

Tired of the embarrassing “smoker’s breath”? One of the good things about vaping is that it does not give off the offensive smell of dead tobacco leaves. On the contrary, disposable vape pens produce an aroma from carefully concocted liquid flavouring.

Also, some people can hardly sense the smell of the vapor coming from a disposable e cig even if you choose to have liquid with tobacco flavouring.

A Disposable Vape Helps You Be Discreet

Smoking in social gatherings isn’t generally accepted, thanks to the harmful secondhand smoke and odor that comes from tobacco.

However, vaping allows you to get the relaxation you need in the middle of almost anywhere. In essence, you can get a disposable vape device that you can bring anywhere without having to deal with the social disapproval associated with smoking actual cigarettes.

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