Could My E-Cigarette Blow Up?

Reports of e-cigarettes blowing up have become widely discussed among vape users, causing doubt and fear. However, before jumping to conclusions, we should always understand the full implications and why any kind of degradation and custumbion could be possible in an e-cigarette. Beyond using disposable vape pens for peace of mind, to avoid any worry let’s strive to understand more about this issue and make sure we can experience a positive, enjoyable vaping experience.

What you need to know about e-cigarettes

First, you have to remember that your e-cigarette is battery-operated. Contrary to the traditional cigarette, it works through lithium-ion batteries (also called as Li-On batteries) which can unintentionally catch fire or even explode if not properly taken care of - this goes for any and all batteries. The quality of your e-cigarette makes a huge difference too. In most reported cases, any devices that blow up were traced back to being purchased from the black market or unauthorised dealers.

Like any battery-operated gadget, your e-cigarette battery has its own limitations. When it is not handled properly – or modified (some parts being altered by the user) – there could be a personal risk caused by the battery exploding. Overcharging or overheating the electronic cigarette can also lead to leakage, ignition and further damage to the device itself.

Understand safety

Even when you enjoy vaping as an experience, safety should be a priority. To avoid the dangers brought about by e-cigarette explosions, take note of the following signals:

  1. Old batteries

    E-cigarette batteries usually last around a year. But this also depends on how often you use them. If you are a chain vaper, most likely it won’t last that long. Also take note of its performance – such as how long it takes before the battery is totally drained. Don’t be cheap; if it’s no longer functioning the way it used to then by all means change it.

  2. Physical damage on the battery

    Do not put your life at risk. If you have noticed a physical change in your e-cigarette battery, then replace it. Don’t wait for the e-juice to leak or for your vape to be totally dysfunctional. Other signs that your batteries have been damaged physically include an odd smell and overheating.

  3. Overcharged batteries

    Yes, it’s easier to leave your e-cigarette charging on its own while you sleep. However, take note that regularly overcharging your batteries will not only shorten its lifespan, it will also affect its overall performance, or worse, cause potential danger in the long run. So to avoid this, make sure that you are using the appropriate charger that came along with your e-cigarette. Also take note of how long you have been charging it, and don’t overdo it.

  4. Modified vape batteries

    Unless you’re a professional, do not try to alter the parts of your e-cigarette. If you lack the knowledge on how to go about modifying your vape, then don’t try to experiment on it so as not to cause an explosion. Also, don’t buy hybrid or modified e-cigarettes to avoid further damage. They may come at a cheaper price, but you are also risking your life.

  5. Overheating batteries

    While the indicators may vary depending on the model, most of the time when your vape pen or e-cigarette feels hot, it could already indicate some problems with your battery. This could either be a short circuit or a loose mechanism. Make sure you don’t leave this problem unresolved. Contact your supplier or make sure you purchase e-cigarettes from reliable retailers. Disposable Vapers has a wide selection of top brands and products, all at great prices.

What to Avoid

To avoid any problems, make sure you follow manufacturer guidelines and consistently follow the safety protocols to avoid putting yourself, and others, in danger.

When it comes to exploding batteries, the best option could be to buy high-quality disposable vape pens. After your e-liquid is finished, you can simply throw away your old vape pen and get started on a new one. It’s like having a brand new device each time, and it takes away the worry and risk of poor batteries.

However, if you also use a non-disposable device. Here are some of the things that you can do to avoid an e-cigarette or battery explosion:

  • Avoid buying cheap e-cigarettes. Remember that the best way to avoid this problem is by using high-quality devices that are built with safety features.
  • Only use chargers that come with your e-cigarette kit. Always use the one that came with it and not the one used for charging your other gadgets.
  • Never modify or use damaged batteries. Only use the batteries that were made for your device. Do not alter, reuse, or mix new batteries with the old ones.
  • Never overcharge batteries. Make sure that you know how long it needs to get fully-charged. Also place it away from anything combustible.
  • Regularly check coils and atomizers. To maximize the lifespan of your device, make sure to regularly check your coils and atomizers for leaks and burns. Not only that this could save you a lot of money, this will also ensure your safety.
  • Don’t disable the safety features. These were purposely designed to prevent overheating and explosions, so don’t override anything can could be there to keep you safe.

Use Disposable Vape Pens for Safety

Quality comes in many forms, and it’s not necessarily about expensive hardware. Disposable vape pens are made from high-quality materials, they are sturdy, easy to grip and can be disposed of safely after being completely used - so there are no battery changes necessary. Take a look at our great selection of products today.